M31 Technology Adopts XinDA Memory Characterization to Deliver LVF-Enabled SRAM Compiler

HSINCHU, Taiwan and HONG KONG – December 5, 2021 – M31 Technology Corporation (Taiwan stock code: 6643), a global silicon Intellectual Property (IP) provider, and XinDA Design Automation Limited, an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company, today jointly announced that M31 has adopted XinDA’s Charlie™ to speed up library characterization and deliver LVF-enabled SRAM compilers to ensure accurate timing signoff including ultra-low power supply voltages.

Charlie™ is an ultra-fast library characterization solution with True-SPICE accuracy for memories and mixed-signal blocks, supporting advanced Liberty models including LVF to enable accurate full-chip timing variation signoff. Charlie fully automates the complex process of memory characterization, improves memory design and CAD teams’ productivity, and increases coverage and robustness of SRAM library models.

“As an IP provider, M31 Technology provides customers with high-quality silicon IP services and helps them reduce their time to market,” said Scott Chang, CEO of M31 Technology Corporation. “Using XinDA’s Charlie characterization solution dramatically shortens the time required for SRAM compiler delivery and simultaneously increases process variation robustness.”

“XinDA provides orders-of-magnitude speedup in library characterization, with True-SPICE accuracy matching Monte Carlo simulations,” said Ken Tseng, CEO and founder of XinDA Design Automation. “We are delighted to have M31 adopting Charlie library characterization solutions. Using Charlie, M31 will be able to easily characterize all of their SRAM designs and produce the most advanced library models.”

About M31

M31 Technology is a professional silicon intellectual property (IP) provider. The company was founded in July 2011 with headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Our strength is R&D and customer service. With substantial experience in the fields of IP development, IC design and electronic design automation, we focus on providing high-speed interface IP, memory compilers and standard cell library solutions. For more information, please visit https://www.m31tech.com/.

About XinDA

XinDA Design Automation is an Electronic Design Automation company headquartered in Hong Kong. XinDA re-imagines transistor level circuit analysis to create innovative software solutions that enable orders of magnitude productivity gains in memory and mixed-signal library characterization. XinDA’s advanced solutions automate the complex process of library characterization, improve engineering teams’ productivity, and increase coverage and robustness of library models. For more information, please visit http://www.xindadesign.com/.