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XinDA Design Automation was founded to rewrite EDA tools for transistor-level analysis, library characterization, and process variation simulation at the 3nm technology node and beyond. Current solutions were developed before the 45nm technology node or four generations ago, and market landscape has changed drastically in the past 15 years. Nowadays the pain points are PVT (process-voltage-temperature) corner explosion and the increasing process variation effects on timing, both of which require an order of magnitude increase in EDA software performance. With a combined 80 years of R&D and business experience in helping customers tape-out with timing, power and signal integrity, the XinDA team provides world class software and breakthrough solutions for the next-generation memory and mixed-signal designs.

XinDA is headquartered in Hong Kong, with R&D centers in Hong Kong and Beijing.

Software R&D Engineers

Entry level and senior positions available

Responsible for research, development and maintenance of large scale EDA software focusing on circuit analysis and characterization of digital and analog circuitries including custom digital block, mixed-signal circuit, and embedded memories. Software tasks include multi-threaded circuit and logic analysis, vector sensitization, circuit simulation, measurement acquisition and graph tracing of timing, noise, power and statistical variation modeling of process, voltage and temperature effects.

Job requires MS/PhD in EE/CS. Solid programming skills in C++. Ideal candidates are self-motivated and possess good communication skills and be willing to work independently as well as in a team environment. We prefer candidates with experience in:

SPICE simulation and understanding of digital/analog circuitry. Ability to understand and debug large and complex data structures and algorithms. Self-motivated, quick learner, and with strong problem solving ability. Good communication skills. Experience in transistor-level timing analysis and library characterization is highly desirable but not required.

Interested candidates please send resume to: